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Sanding Belts
Legacy Abrasives' coated sanding belts feature Aluminum Oxide, Zirconia, Ceramic or Silicon Carbide abrasive grains. These grains are resin bonded to a variety of backings for a superior sanding life. All belts have tear and break resistant joints. Legacy sanding belts have a strong, stiff cloth backing and are self-sharpening for extended belt life. All of our sanding belts are custom made using only premium grade material.
Custom Made Belts available from 1/4" to 13" wide and up to 373" long.
Available in grits 24 - 400
Scalloped Belts available upon request.
 Sanding Belts Aluminum Oxide Material
 Aluminum Oxide
  • Brownish red or maroon color
  • General purpose sanding belt; the most commonly used     abrasive material on the market
  • For use on all sanding applications from stock removal to finish sanding
  • Available in grits 24 - 400
 Sanding Belts Zirconia
  • Blue or Teal color
  • Lasts longer than aluminum oxide on tough applications
  • A tough synthetic abrasive that is best used for heavy stock removal applications
  • This heavy duty structure requires heavier pressure to break down the self sharpening grains
  • Ideal for metals and mild steel
  • Available in grits 24 - 120
 Sanding Belts Ceramic
  • Red or Orange color
  • Grain structure provides for the continuous renewal of the most consistent and uniform cutting edges
  • Ceramic grain enhances cut rates for cooler and faster stock removal on tough applications
  • Out performs zirconia on hard to grind applications like stainless steel
  • Available in grits 24 - 120
 Sanding Belts Silicon Carbide
 Silicon Carbide
  • Black color
  • Hardest and sharpest manufactured abrasive grain
  • This is the only coated abrasive that will cut through hard or brittle surfaces such as marble, glass, granite, tile, carbide or hardened finishes
  • Available in finer grits for producing a better finish on surfaces and hardened metals
  • Available in grits 24 - 400
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